Abstract Art

The abstract works presented here, each using a different non- objective iconography,  are three examples of the expression of movement seeking  to create a dynamic opposition between pause and action.
“Trapeze”, a pen and ink drawing on rice paper is presented as a triptych exploring vertical direction, as lines become form superimposed upon an expressive ground.
“Ascension”, an oil painting, uses expressive/spontaneous lines on the vertical and horizontal planes within a geometric “Kimono” format created by the combination of five canvases. Pause is symbolized by the kimomo ground housing the dynamic movement within.
“Zig/Zag”, an oil on canvas, is pure geometric iconography, articulating in “steps” changing diagonal movement  as the triangles ascend on the vertical plane.


60 x 20 inches




10ft top width by 5ft high




59 by 62 inches